Differences Between American And European Bison

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There’s a great variety of wildlife in the western United States. Here are a few of them. Birds The golden eagle’s habitat includes Alaska down to the coast of Mexico. It’s a powerful predator and hunts animals like hare and grouse. It will also eat carrion. It’s about 30 inches long. As with many raptors, [...]

Range And Population Of Bison In The United States

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The American Bison once roamed in the millions across the vast prairies of the Great Plains. More commonly known as the buffalo, these animals were the source of life for many Native American tribes. The bison was used as a food source, and their hides were used for blankets and clothing. When white settlers arrived [...]

Bison And National Parks In The United States

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Several National Parks in the western area of the United States have large bison herds. The American bison, often called “buffalo,” once roamed throughout western America and Canada, but now they reside in parks and on private farms. Researchers estimate that there were approximately 60 million bison before settlers began to occupy their habitat. In [...]

Ted Turner: Bison Advocate

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You may have heard his bio on http://www.directtelevisionpackages.com Biography Channel or you may just know him as the owner of the Braves but did you know that Ted Turner is one of the biggest proponents of the American Buffalo in the country? Here are a few ways he’s always giving backBuying Land – Turner is [...]

The Difference Between The Plains Bison And Wood Bison

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The Plains Bison and Wood Bison are both subspecies of the American Bison. Since they are members of the same family, they are often confused. This article will explain how you can tell the difference between the two powerful species. First, it is important to know the different names for each species. The Wood Bison [...]

How To Coexist With Western US Wildlife

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Long ago, herds of buffalo roamed the Western Plains. Brown waves of huge animals moved across the land, they ruled the West with grace and power. Hunted with awe and reverence by the Native Peoples, they supplied most of their needs for food, warm clothing and bone materials to make tools and weapons. The planned [...]

How To Protect Bison And Their Habitat

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Knowing how to protect Bison and their habitat is vital if we want to encourage population growth. Bison are the largest land mammals found in North America, and thus require a lot of land. Although their size can be intimidating, they are most likely to feast on the grasses found in prairies. They will typically [...]

How Bison Live In The Western United States

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American Bison live in small herds in western Canada and the western United States. The herds are made up of the females and their young. The adult males do not live in the herds. The females protect the young stock from predators. The males are not too far off and will protect the herd from [...]